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Guides & Best Practice Procedures - Reverse Osmosis Chemicals International have compiled a series of guides and best practice procedures dealing with the operation and maintenance of reverse osmosis plant systems. Here you will find a collection of excellent technical documents written to help those involved with the operation and maintenance of RO systems. Subjects covered include plant start-up and shut-down procedures, membrane preservation considerations, data collection and performance monitoring, membrane cleaning and more. To review any document please select the required document link.

Reverse osmosis plant start-up procedures

reverse-osmosis-plant-installation-3Following the correct start-up procedure is an important operational part of any reverse osmosis system. Prior to system start-up it is important to verify that all pretreatment systems are working according to their specifications. It may also be necessary to take water samples for analysis to confirm that the pretreatment systems are correctl .... ro plant start-up >>

Reverse osmosis plant shut-down procedures

reverse-osmosis-plant-installation-2Shutting-down a reverse osmosis plant system is an important operation and one that must be completed correctly. If this operation is not performed correctly then water quality and performance issues may be affected once the RO system is restarted ...  ro plant shut-down >>

RO membrane preservation - RO and NF membranes

reverse-osmosis-membranesIf a reverse osmosis system is shut-down or out of production for more than 24 hours it is highly recommended that the RO membranes are cleaned and then correctly preserved. Failure to preserve the RO membranes may result in the development of un-wanted bacteria and biofilm on the membrane surfaces ... ro membrane preservation >>

Data collection and performance monitoring


Data collection is critical for monitoring the performance of any reverse osmosis membrane system. Without a suitable performance monitoring programme it is often very difficult to determine if the RO system is fouling, suffering from scale formation; or if the RO membranes  ... data collection >>


RO membrane cleaning

ro-membranesMembranes lie at the heart of any reverse opsmiosis system, it is therefore essential that the membranes are maintained in a good clean condition. Effective membrane cleaning usually requires some knowledge of the type of foulant and the cleaning ... ro membrane cleaning >> 

Glossary of terms

hot-tapReverse Osmosis Chemicals International have prepared a detailed glossary of terms associated with the use of reverse osmosis systems, membranes, operating and maintenance procedures. The glossary covers terms from "antiscalant" and "anti-telescoping device" through to "ultrafiltration" and "ultra-pure water" ... glossary of terms >> 

Technical support and advice

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals International work closely with a diverse range of global organisations, intelligently combining advanced treatment technologies with practical solutions to resolve complex issues. If you have a project you would like to discuss, or you require technical support and assistance; or if you simply have a question about our reverse osmosis technology solutions please contact one of our specialist advisors using our Technical Support page or call us on +44 (0) 330 223 31 31.